Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Longest Day EVER

When I woke up on Sunday morning, I looked out my window to realize that Chadron was buried in snow. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem. Who needs to do anywhere in Chadron, right? Unfortunately, I had to get from my dorm room to the PAC at the top of the campus. There was NO moving my car. Not even a chance. Fortunately, Dr. Nobiling and her lovely husband were kind enough to come get me in their truck. After getting the people mover (our bus) unstuck, we were on the road to Rapid. As soon as we left Nebraska, there was significantly less snow. I'm beginning to think that God just has a sense of humor when it comes to Nebraska and snow... I digress.
After checking in to our flight, we sat in the airport chairs for what seemed hours. Our flight finally left about an hour late. We arrived at Minneapolis, grabbed a bite to eat and ran to our next flight. The flight from Minneapolis to London went off without a hitch. We all slept a little and ate the nasty airplane food. The best part was the mini bag of tick tacs!

Our ISA host picked us up in a coach and took us to Windsor Castle. For the record, Windsor isn't just a castle. There are restaurants, shopping, souvenirs, and bank exchanges right there in the area. The actual castle was breathtaking! In the US, everything that is "touristy" is not more than 200 years old (generally.) The castle was centuries old and marvelous. The flag was flying, so we know that Her Majesty the Queen was there. We took an audio tour so we had some idea of what different displays were and the history of them. Inside of St. George's Chapel, several memorials were carved in marble. The stained glass windows were so intricate and beautiful. It took 53 years to build the castle! I think the same builders are doing the Highway 275 construction (it's been under construction for how long??) The Gothic architecture in the building was indescribable. I can't even describe how beautiful it was, and we couldn't take pictures inside!! If you really want to hear about the castle, ask me. Prepare for a long story - I could spend hours talking about the chapel alone. We also saw the royal china collection - gorgeous! I would be afraid to eat off of those plates! After the china, we looked at a display of Mary's Dollhouse. Everything in the dollhouse was to scale AND real. The plates were real silver. The little display of crown jewels were real. GORGEOUS. After that, we went into the little shopping part of Windsor. We bought track phones and exchanged money (I thought I was poor in America... GEESH!).

We then left Windsor and went to our hotel. The rest of the night was rather boring (see my pub post!) But, we made it!! We didn't get stuck in the snow, we didn't die of jet-lag, and nobody got robbed on the first day! 
This was our selfie in the Rapid City airport (Dr. Nobiling looks unprepared for the selfie stick....)
Part of our exhausted group in front of Windsor Castle.

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