Saturday, May 23, 2015

Wednesday. Wow, WOW, WOOOOOOW!

Wednesday was my second favorite day of this entire trip. (Thursday is first, and you will find out why in my next post.) We had a free day, so Brenna and I decided to go to the Tower of London in the morning. First of all, it isn't just a tower. It's like a fortress!! It has several towers and buildings and walls. It's pretty immaculate. I enjoyed it thouroughly! The Tower of London was used for everything from torture to shelter for royals to housing the crown jewels.
My favorite part of the entire experience was looking at the crown jewels. They are truly stunning. As expected, we couldn't take pictures inside, so I couldn't even post some if I wanted to. There are beefeaters (guards) at almost every turn to make sure that people are behaving. When everybody leaves at night, the rooms are locked down tight. I could see one of the mechanisms in the wall when I entered the jewel room. It looked like something out of a James Bond movie. In the area where the crowns are kept, there's a moving sidewalk. Apparently they don't want people just standing in front of the crowns blocking everybody else. I can understand why people would just want to gawk. They kept the jewels from back in the 1200s to put into the crown that royals are crowned with today. The crowns, scepters, dishes, and other various jewels have an estimated value of over 18 billion pounds. I can honestly say that after seeing 18 billion pounds worth of crown jewels, the rest of the tower was a little dull!
That night we went to see the Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre. Even though I sat in the nosebleeds, the show was pretty fantastic. I have the utmost respect for those actors. It's one thing to act like a person. It is completely differet to act like an animal while still looking like a person. All of the fight scenes were dances. People came out dressed like inanimate objects and they danced. It was truly beautiful. The artistry it took to act out a play like the Lion King is incredible. Some of the scenes involved singing while doing elaborate dances. These actors had some stamina! Rafiki was played by a woman - I'm pretty sure she was the best part of the entire production! She had a basket for a butt - HILARIOUS! I have heard better singing in my life and I'm pretty sure African Lions don't have British accents, but I was impressed nonetheless. It was well worth the money we paid. An evening well spent!
As you can see, my title describes my day Wednesday. I saw the crown jewels AND attended the Lion King in a Broadway-style theatre. Jewels and music are all a girl needs to be happy. All I have left to say is WOW!
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This is a picture of our little group right before we went to the Lion King!

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